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The Bottle Truck

Scroll Down and Take a Look at Our Custom Refurb of “The Bottle Truck”…

The Story:  It was originally built in the 1960’s in England and designed as a Miller High Life beer bottle on wheels.  We tore out the interior rear section of the bottle and designed and fabricated a platform for kegs and a conveyor system through the bottle neck to deliver the kegs.  We installed a bulkhead with a sliding door to enclose the rear area and installed insulation and refrigeration to keep the beer cool.  After painting and decaling the exterior we installed four taps on the driver’s side so the beer can flow!

Let Us Know if You See It on the Road!!!


Bottle Truck Before1

At the customer’s prior to any work.

Jeff Working

In HBS w Mechs

Herman Born & Sons’ mechanics at work.

Below is the interior refurb of keg storage area:

Interior Frame 1 Interior Frame 2

Interior Frame 3 Interior Frame 4

Interior Frame 5 Interior Frame 6

Interior Frame 7


We added a keg conveyor belt from the bottle top to load the beer and a new bulkhead behind the front seats.

Interior Frame 8 Interior Frame 9


Below is the completed Bottle Truck! It took 338 days from start to finish for the refurb.

Finished 3

Finished 1

Finished 2


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