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Heavy Truck Frame Repairs

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  • Truck Chassis Damage Truck Frame Straightening
    Truck Frame Sway Repair
  • Tractor Chassis Repair
    Truck Frame Buckle Repair
  • Heavy Truck Frame Straightening
    Fire Truck on the Frame Machine



Herman Born & Sons features a Beeline Heavy Truck Frame Machine with our proprietary laser measurement system. Using our advanced technology we can determine if your truck’s frame has a sag, side-sway, twist, or diamond.  Our frame technicians are factory trained by Beeline, and are expert at cold straightening your truck’s chassis frame back to OEM specifications.


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We can do any other repairs and modifications involved with truck frames:

– Repair Cracked Truck Frames

– Truck Frame Lengthening

– Truck Frame Shortening

– Truck Frame Reinforcement and Strengthening


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Proud to Use Truck Frame Straightening Equipment from:

Beeline Truck Frame Alignment