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Herman Born & Sons - Commercial Vehicle and Truck Body Repairs and Painting

Truck Painting & Decaling

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  • School Bus Painting and Conversion
    School Bus Conversion to Tailgate Bus… Go Ravens!!!
  • Commercial Truck and Trailer Painting Baltimore Maryland
    Truck and Trailer Painting and Decaling
  • Commercial Fleet Paint and Layout Conversion Baltimore
    Truck and Trailer Fleet Conversion and Refurb
  • Service Truck Body Paint Baltimore Maryland
    Service Truck Body Painting



Herman Born & Sons has painted thousands of trucks, trailers, buses, vans, cranes, and construction & heavy equipment for all types of applications.  We use top of the line Sherwin-Williams and Axalta commercial vehicle finishes.  All of our painters have Commercial Fleet Refinisher Certification and we guarantee our work.


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Here Are Some of the Many Refinishing Services We Provide:

– Complete Cab, Body and Chassis Painting for Commercial Vehicles

– Converting Commercial Fleets to New Colors and Design Layouts

– Converting and Painting School Buses for Other Uses

– Complete Truck, Trailer and Truck Body Refurbs

– Truck Cab and Body Rust Repair and Refinishing

– “Spruce-Up” Paint Work on Truck Chassis

– Decal Removal

– De-ID for Resale Preparation

– Truck and Trailer Decal Installation



Let us work with you to determine the most practical and economical system to use based on your vehicle’s application.  Along with refinishing, we can furnish and/or install decals from a set of cab doors to a “full wrap.”